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Our trip to Edinburgh

12 2017 England06

12 2017 England02Our trip to Scotland started on Monday 25.09.2017 in Stuttgart. Our plane left the airport at 10:55am. We flew to Edinburgh and arrived at 1:00 pm. Having arrived at the hostel, we started on a trip though Edinburgh. At 11:00pm it was bedtime. On Tuesday we had to wake up at 7:00am because breakfast began at 7:30am, that was not so nice. After breakfast we packed our things for our first trip. We went to Edinburgh castle, then we had a break of 2 hours, after the break we walked onto Arthur´s Seat. Arthur´s Seat is 251m high and we had a great view onto the city from above. When we went back, we all were tired. On Wednesday we first went to the Mining museum which was very interesting. In the afternoon we visited the Edinburgh Dungeon, which was not as scary as expected. After the Dungeon we travelled to the harbour, where we unfortunately couldn´t see the Royal Britannia. On Thursday we travelled to the beach in Gullane by bus. The beach was very beautiful. We walked there for 1,5 hours. Then we had a break. After the break we had a guided tour through Mary King´s Close which was impressing. On Friday we had to leave the hostel at 9:00am because our teacher´s didn´t want to miss the plane. At 1:00pm our plane started. At 4:00pm we were in Germany and we went home.

by Janik Geißler, TG 10.2


12 2017 England01

TG 10.2’s trip to Edinburgh with Ms Rode and Mr Steinmaier

On our trip to Scotland, we went to Edinburgh. On the 25th September, we all met at Stuttgart International Airport and flew with EasyJet. When we arrived, we took an Airport bus to the city center. We had free Wi-Fi on the bus, so the ride was very pleasant. Having arrived at the youth hostel, we checked in. We had two rooms for six people and one room for four. In the afternoon, we went to the Calton Hill and took very nice pictures. We had to be back at the hostel by 10 pm and we had to be quiet by 11 pm. On the next day, we got up at 7 am and had breakfast at 7:30 am to be on time for our visit to Edinburgh Castle. The castle was very cool and we visited the National War Museum and got to look at the prison in the castle. Then we had abought 1.5 hours in which we could walk around the city in groups of at least three people to get something to eat. After lunch, we walked up Arthur’s Seat and looked at the city from above. We had excellent weather and the view was amazing. After the hike, the went back to the hostel and in the evening, we had pizza. On Wednesday, we went to the Mining Museum. The bus ride took 30 minutes to Newtongrange. In the museum, we had a guided tour around the old mine. We also got to look at an old mining drill and the still working steam engine that powered the elevator that took the miners into the mine shaft. After the museum, we drove back to the city for lunch and then we went to the Edinburgh Dungeon. The dungeon wasn’t very popular and was intended for younger people. In the evening, we saw the harbor, but it was boring there, so we went to a mall. On Thursday, we went by bus for one hour until we arrived in Gullane. It was beautiful at the beach and we went on a three-hour hike. Sadly, the water was very cold so no one went swimming. Back in Edinburgh, we visited Marry King’s Close, which is an old street system, that was overbuilt for the foundation of new buildings. It was very interesting but the guide spoke very fast and with a strong Scottish accent so it was hard to understand. In the evening, we all met in a restaurant and had dinner together. On Friday, we had to pack our bags for the flight back to Germany. The plane took off at 1 pm and we arrived at Stuttgart at 4 pm. It was a very nice trip and I had a lot of fun. I think it improved the class climate very much and I can only recommend it for other classes.

by Oskar Ochs TG 10.2

12 2017 England03