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London Calling

I will never forget the view from the boat in front of Tower Bridge, I´ve never before seen such an impressive old bridge! When you are standing on the bridge you have a beautiful view of the city centre, not to forget the skyscrapers. Also, I will never forget Camden Town, where a classmate and I bought football tricots. (Luca)

The - mostly - very friendly people and the amazing architecture - an interesting mix of ancient and very modern buildings. We met a lot of special people that found a place in my heart. There were so many things we learnt about London and its rich history. (Alina)

Klassenfahrt nach London: Die Klasse 10, eingerahmt von ihren LehrerInnen Rene Ramsberger (links) und Eva Rohde (rechts)

I liked Big Ben and Brighton. The nights with my classmates and the Spanish boys and girls at the youth hostel were amazing. The long walks in London were exhausting but it was great to see the sights of London like Tower Bridge. (Tristan)

St.Paul´s cathedral was really fascinating, the atmosphere was amazing, we prayed together, which was really cool and which gave me calm. (Moritz)

Something I won´t forget was when we saw the King´s guards at Buckingham Palace. They really looked as serious as everyone expected. (…) Another thing I will remember was our visit to Hyde Park near Buckingham Palace. There were squirrels everywhere and they were trusting towards humans to the point that they would climb on your arm to get some nuts. (Sarah)

I will never forget the food and the interesting routes to attractions. The class from Spain was also great and really funny. The sailing boat Cutty Sark was also really interesting. (Ben)

Zusammengestellt von Eva Rohde

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