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Impressionen aus dem TG

Die folgende Seite gibt Ihnen einen kleinen Einblick in die Projekte und Aktionen, die bei uns am Technischen Gymnasium stattfinden.

„Rotkäppchen“ at the TG

Last school year, in the weeks before the summer holidays, we did a project in English in TG 8. The task was to perform „The Little Red Riding Hood“ which is „Rotkäppchen“ in German on a tiny stage built from cardboard. For this, we used Roald Dahl‘s somewhat fun & ironic poem. The learning goal was to practise speaking English fluently and clearly by reading the poem. The project had
been inspired by arts teacher Eva Rode and carried out by English teacher Carmen Becker.
Here’s what Fabian says:

Last year we had to build a stage for the fairy tale „The Little Red Riding Hood“. First we had to pick up some cardboard from our dumpster. Then we assembled the cardboard in the respective shapes. Later we painted it. At home we recorded our roles. Back in school we filmed it. Some of us created a stop-motion-picture film others made a video from a freeze frame. At the end of the project, we watched our films.

Click here for the stop motion video by Felix, Fabian, Florian & Anton (TG 9.1)

Here’s what Amon recounts:

Last year we had to build a little stage to support the reading of the fairy tale „The Little Red Riding Hood“. We had about 2 weeks to build and record the whole thing in the English class. First we had to build the stage and gather materials for that, then we had to train reading the fairy tale out loud. In the end we recorded it a few times and showed it to the class.

Click here for the freeze frame video by Annika, Kim, Philipp & Amon (TG 9.1)
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